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Disco Biscuits Live at Camp Bisco VI (Indian Lookout Country Club) on 2007-08-17


The Disco Biscuits
August 17, 2007
Camp Bisco VI (Indian Lookout Country Club)
Mariaville, NY

Taped By: George Ewing

Mastered and Tracked By: Rich Steele

Source: AT-37 + B2-Pro (FOH, ORTF) > R-4

Set I (Afternoon Set) (Disc 1)

01. Crowd/Banter
02. Glastonbury (1) ->
03. Basis for a Day ->
04. Gangster Jam ->
05. Shem-Rah Boo ->
06. Basis for a Day
07. Banter
08. Rockafella

Set II (Disc 2)

01. Crowd/Banter
02. Jigsaw Earth ->
03. Above the Waves -> (2)
04. Jigsaw Earth
05. Magellan ->
06. Termites(3) ->
07. Magellan

Set II cont'd (Disc 3)

01. Shpongle set break


02. Banter
03. Rainbow Song ->
04. Spacebirdmatingcall

Set II cont'd (Disc 4)

01. Reactor ->
02. Orch Theme ->
03. "New Originals" Jam ->
04. Orch Theme ->
04. Reactor

(1) Tractorbeam style
(2) inverted
(3) first time played

Collection DiscoBiscuits
Band/Artist Disco Biscuits
Venue Camp Bisco VI (Indian Lookout Country Club)
Location Mariaville, NY

Source AT-37 + B2-Pro (FOH, ORTF) > R-4
Taped by George Ewing
Transferred by George Ewing


Reviewer: death_cuBe_k - - October 20, 2013
Subject: 08-17-07 Is All About The First Set
I mean, the subject pretty much says it all. The first show is worth the download/listen alone. Glastonbury > Basis is the absolute truth! It's a shame that Glastonbury just unexplainably got buried!(?) Actions like that are one of the many reasons fans of this band are constantly having to ask what the fuck is with these guys sometimes?!

Also, as another poster pointed out, Termites was played two nights prior on the 15th. Doesn't take away from the fact that the song indeed does suck, hahah. This was the last time "Termites" was played and rightfully buried. But Glastonbury should have never suffered the same fate.

4 stars for the first set. I would've given it 5 if it was a couple jams longer.
Reviewer: Save The Robots - - May 26, 2010
Subject: three wishes
does anyone else think this glastonbury is off the hook?
Reviewer: ManOfMulcahey - - January 7, 2009
Subject: killer
Not much to say. Stellar recording.
Reviewer: umphreaksayswhat - - October 31, 2008
Subject: sick
sick show, shpongle is always crazy, wish i was there

took off two stars.... one for the recording quality and one for the jigsaw earth vocals haha
Reviewer: Kip Sikora - - December 22, 2007
Subject: Que viva livearchive!!!!!
Although I have downloaded damn near a hundred shows from livearchive, this is my first review. Thanks to all the folks who dedicate time, money and energy to bring us this music. Thanks especially to the PLAN C crew who i credit for really igniting my Bisco flame. Phish shows burned me out with all the pretension that goes along with this or that scene, and consequently, I have never been to a Biscuits show. I prefer to listen to music through headphones; these recordings are fucking brilliant and allow me to do just that. I look forward to listening to this show as well as 11.4.2007, both of which I am downloading right now. I give this show five stars on speculation as well as for past efforts. Blah, bla, blah, siga volando.
Reviewer: cwier60 - - October 18, 2007
Subject: Where's the high end?
This is a great show and I'm sure everyone had the best time at Camp, but what about the recording? The high end is non-existent! The average signal level at 15 kHz is more than 60 dB lower than at 1 kHz, regardless of whether it's the middle of a jam or crowd noise. Is this the art of "remastering"? I'd love to hear why this recording was released this way.

Sorry if this sounds offensive. I greatly appreciate the efforts of tapers and seeders, but I don't understand this one.
Reviewer: Mooj - - September 18, 2007
Subject: Termizzles
Actually, the first time Termites was played was at McCarren pool the night before camp. And it's actually called "Woman at home with Termites". It's a pretty terrible song, isn't it?
Reviewer: NoLeftTurnUnstoned07 - - August 24, 2007
Subject: i lovvvvveeee camp bisco
my second year at camp bisco and it was a hundred fold better than last years. great atmosphere and perfect in every aspect. jigsaw earth melted my face and glued it back on with a permanant smile. see you all at moe. down!


P.S. STOVED UP!...that guy was a fucking clown
Reviewer: Boop - - August 24, 2007
Subject: New Orginals Jam
like fucking on steroids
Reviewer: kylem2 - - August 24, 2007
Subject: Incredible
camp was amazing. big ups to the bikers, and the biscuits for an unforgetable weekend
Reviewer: FourSpray - - August 24, 2007
Subject: Amazing
This was just completely amazing.

**Big time thank you for recording the Sphongle set break....i remember how magnificant it was**
Reviewer: Xiphoid - - August 23, 2007
Subject: Plan C for President!
Didn't think myself capable of almost non-stop dancing from 1pm to 4am, but this was definitely the place to do it.

Massive thanks to George, Rich, and all the Plan C guys for a year's worth of sick, sick recordings. Wanted to wander over and say thanks in person but well... you know how 'plans' tend to work out at shows heh.

Highlights for me were the Basis and Orch Theme segments, including the Posford/Velmer sit-in.
Reviewer: Professor Spigs - - August 23, 2007
Subject: It'll give you the schwillies
Above posters have got it dead on. My favorite Camp to dark and nasty...just how I like it. Filthy segues and band members were clicking on all cylinders. Alan has come a long way. This show represents a big microcosm why I fell in love with this band back in the 99.
Reviewer: Steve0h2five - - August 23, 2007
Subject: no need for a review...this=must have
no comment...just dl
Reviewer: col. phorbin - - August 23, 2007
Subject: camp bisco sickness
camp bisco was simply amazing this year. i cant wait to listen to these sets again. the surprise show during the day was great. glaston > basis > shem rah > basis was awesome and the second set jigsaw > waves (><) > earth had me smilin from ear to ear, even after i threw up (sorry, and thanks to the girl next to me who seemed genuinely concerned). if you were there you have to get this...and if you weren't you should get it anyway, even just to check out some of the new songs (a lot of people there were amazed to find that magellan actually contained an entire song and was not the 40 minute stand alone version people had thought) so...anyway...just get this show...its camp nastiness
on 8/23/2007
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